Elvire Daniels

Daniels, Elvire

Elvire Daniels currently serves as a Special Education Teacher with over 12 years of experience in the New York State Public School System. Daniels aims to bring out the fullest potential in her students and is proud of her many accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom.

Service and leadership are two key areas of focus for Daniels. A graduate of both the executive leadership certificate program in diversity and inclusion at Cornell University and the sustainable business strategy certificate program at Harvard Business School, Daniels utilizes her extensive knowledge and experience to lead the charge in both her professional and personal arenas. These skills also allow her to deeply understand and be able to work with educational leaders across a broad spectrum of backgrounds and needs.

Daniels holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Human Resources from the State University of New York, Old Westbury, and a Master’s in Business Administration from St. Thomas Aquinas College, New York. Daniels’ strong belief in the power of education is reflected in her recent conferment of a doctoral degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. This degree allows Daniels to further enhance her credibility in a leadership and research position within the educational field.

Dr. Daniels recently shared her dissertation with the Southern New Hampshire University Undergraduate Research Day in May 2021. She is currently a Fellow in Residence at the University of Phoenix Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research.