Ayesha Keri Brantley

The Honorable Ayesha K. Brantley, A.S.C.J is an elected Family Court Judge and Acting Supreme Court Justice in the County of Nassau presiding over juvenile delinquency, custody, guardianship, parenting time and family offense petitions. Judge Brantley was born into an immigrant family where a premium was placed on educational excellence and service to her community. Judge Brantley is a graduate of Cornell University and The University of Pennsylvania Law School and has been admitted to practice law in the highest courts in the State of New York. Judge Brantley commenced her legal career as a trial attorney and in 2006 left private practice to dedicate her career to public service.

Judge Brantley has always been a trailblazer and made history in 2013 when she became the youngest person of record elected to judicial office in the State of New York. In November 2016, Judge Brantley again achieved a historic feat becoming the first woman of color elected to the Nassau County Family Court bench. Judge Brantley is a member of national and local bar associations, civic associations, and service organizations and serves on the board of the New York State Family Court Judges Association, the Long Island YMCA and chairs the Nassau County Family Court sub-committee of the New York State Court’s Equal Justice Committee. Judge Brantley volunteers her time to lecture, speak on panels and enjoys mentoring and being mentored by people across generations.

Judge Brantley was inducted into the Eastern Shore (NY) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated in 2018. Judge Brantley has served on the National Trends and Services and International Trends and Services facets as well as the Resource Development, Ethics, Finance. Membership, Bylaws, and Nominating committees. Judge Brantley has held Executive Committee positions of Parliamentarian and Vice President and presently serves as the Eastern Shore (NY) Chapter President. Judge Brantley views her membership in The Links, Incorporated as a continuation of her life’s work to improve the conditions of historically disadvantaged people locally and abroad by creating opportunities for them to thrive socially, emotionally, educationally and financially.